only 22% of chief legal officers are "very satisfied" with the training employees receive on records management policies
Only 38% percent of companies utilize dashboards for tracking and reporting on risks...
41% of Compliance Officers say their budgets increased in 2012, up from 25% in 2009.
57 percent of companies say their strategic plan includes risk management among budget priorities in 2013, up from 43% in 2012
85% of compliance officers say “measuring the effectiveness of their compliance program” remains a top priority

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Quickly and accurately measure the effectiveness of your compliance programs

Many organizations struggle to measure the effectiveness of their compliance and enterprise risk management programs, while boards of directors demand more transparency to understand how risks are identified, prioritized and managed. Lexakos has hands-on expertise to help organizations improve upward reporting, develop organic dashboards and more readily isolate and prioritize critical governance, risk and compliance needs. Learn More.

Compliance training employees actually enjoy

Training and awareness is a critical element for any compliance and ethics program. Through new multi-media platforms and grass roots training programs developed through careful project planning, employees can interact and learn about compliance and ethics topics using dynamic methods and tools that are as entertaining as informative. Learn More.

Expertise on call

Organizations face tremendous pressure to reduce spending while improving transparency and operational integrity. Lexakos legal, compliance, technology, and operations experts have hands-on expertise they can offer to help organizations improve performance and address critical information management and compliance needs. Learn More.

Insight Exchange

Lexakos is a leading source for analyzing legal compliance needs of organizations across every industry. Our benchmarking and surveys extend across hundreds of corporations worldwide and have been featured in Compliance Week magazine each of the last six years. To facilitate the efficient exchange of ideas, Lexakos offers peer-to-peer networking portals with contributions from top thinkers in the field. Learn More.